The biomimicry venture studio

Have a seat

At our table,
nature has a seat.

Around this table, nature's timeless wisdom, technology's boundless potential, and humanity's drive for innovation cooperate as one, forging a path towards regeneration and renewal, committed to positively impact climate change.

Nature inspired.
AI powered.
Impact driven.

Through radical collaboration with researchers, engineers, designers and entrepreneurs, Anima co-founds nature-inspired ventures to amplify biomimicry’s ecological and economic impact.

Nurturing impactful

Drawing up upon years of entrepreneurship, we bring together a wealth of expertise in biomimicry, impact, AI, design, business and finance. To support our ventures, we leverage on our international networks of experts and create a personalised taskforce with the best talents.
Sandra Rey, CEO 
Alexandre Cadain, Chairman 
Florence Durillon, COO